We do things a bit differently here.

Our mission is to provide real inspiration for wholehearted living, and to keep with that mission, we have decided to remove all distracting and underachieving advertisements such as banners and vendor profiles from our site. This allows our readers a better experience—and our advertisers, a richer means to share their product or service in an authentic way.

How? We instead offer sponsored content through an application-only and business consultation process. This customized-to-you process allows us the opportunity to get to know you and your work on a personal level. It allows us to choose a path, together, that best suits your business goals—even if that means directing you towards a different publication.

This is advertising that's smart, and with a heart.

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Photograph by Austin Gros

Photograph by Austin Gros

Photograph by Michele Beckwith

Photograph by Michele Beckwith